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 What is now Sati Yoga Studio started in 2010 in a small village in Brazil called Campina Grade do Sul, where the community had never had a yoga teacher before.  Today the studio is an established resource for people from all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a greater level of health and well-being. 


Sati Yoga Brasil today is managed by Salete Ceccon, Alessandra's mother. Together they work as a team, trying to bring this method of yoga, focused in healing and in crating a better condition of life  to the maximum people possible. 


The studio broke new ground when the mayor of Campina reached out and asked Alessandra and her mother Salete to host groups referred to the studio by City Hall and its social and health departments.

Word had gotten back to the mayor of the results throughout his community, Inspired and encouraged, he and Alessandra developed programs for the elders of the community, for those managing chronic pain as well as mental illness (mainly depression and anxiety disorders, including bipolar disorder.)


The studio has now been privately, publicly and civically hosting groups and contributing to the greater health of the Campina region groups for the last ...years. 


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