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alessandra grando

 - yoga teacher - educator- traveler -


A yoga teacher of 14 years, Alessandra Grando maintains her long-held commitment to facilitating a yoga practice for every body and to improving people’s lives, as she has experienced herself through the practice. 


Ale completed her first teacher training in 2006, and, since 2011, she has been practicing and specializing in Kaiut yoga, a yoga method that focuses on the body’s biomechanical health. Alessandra first met Francisco Kaiut, this yoga method’s founder, in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, and she has been studying with him around the world ever since. After his classes, she noticed marked mental and physical tranquility and an improvement in her scolioses and kyphosis, with impressive back pain relief after each class. After she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her mid-thirties, Ale again experienced these therapeutic benefits. The practice of Kaiut Yoga prevented the loss of her joint mobility and reduced inflammation significantly. 


Having completed three teacher trainings with Francisco, Ale continues to attend his workshops around the USA and Brazil. She also travel around 14 countries and studied Yoga in India for nine months. 

Alessandra’s classes allow any person, at any age and with any body type, to practice and experience benefits such as pain and stress relief and revitalized energy. She scans the room to better understand her students’ bodies and physical blockages. Her classes are sometimes all on the floor, and most of the time she does not teach full poses but instead focuses on parts of them, working on one specific joint at a time. She never creates an  idea of the “perfect pose”; instead, she adapts the positions for every student’s needs.

In Ale’s classes, the relief of physical blockages also opens and frees her students’ energetic blockages. 


She founded her first yoga school in Brazil in 2009. Doctors and therapists recommended her methods for their patients, and her Brazilian school’s classes have had waiting lists ever since. 


With her husband Bruno Prager, Ale opened another SATI  Yoga Studio in New Orleans in 2017. 


She also holds a degree in Education from the Federal University of Parana, located in Curitiba, Brazil.  

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