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SATI Yoga Studio was opened near Curitiba, Brazil in 2011 under the direction of Alessandra Grando, a longtime student of Francisco Kaiut.  She and her husband Bruno Prager, both senior instructors in the Kaiut Yoga Method, opened SATI Yoga Studio-New Orleans in 2017.

Classes embrace and address the needs of a broad range of individuals, including seniors, men and those who aren't served by popular yoga styles.

Pivoting to online classes in March 2020, SATI Yoga Online is reaching beyond the greater New Orleans community, bringing uniquely impactful instruction to members attending the livestream classes from coast-to-coast and as far as Italy and Brazil.

SATI Yoga Studio makes the benefits of yoga available to nearly any student regardless of age, experience or condition, delivering impressive results for the aging body as well as for those working with many health challenges. 

The Kaiut Method is for the long game: it is a realistic and sustainable practice that serves one throughout the life.

Students range in age from thirties to eighties and represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds—athletes, business professionals, working artists, professors, craftsmen, students, hospitality workers, homemakers, retirees.  


SATI Yoga Studio offers a neutral environment where one builds essential strength and calm and revitalize one’s body and mind amid the haste of modern life.

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Bruno and Alessandra's Story

They‘re from different parts of the world. Pursuing a shared passion, they found one another.



Alessandra was always a globetrotter. After earning a degree in Education from the Federal University of Paraná, located in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, and completing her first yoga teacher training in 2006, she traveled solo from Brazil, exploring different corners of the world, fourteen countries and four continents in all. At last returning home from her studies in India, she opened a yoga studio of her own and in 2011, began training intensively with Francisco Kaiut.

Shortly after, she formed a partnership with her local mayor’s office to offer classes to the community. Attendance quickly grew to over 200 students a week as the social services department was referring patients to her classes to supplement their treatments.

In November 2015, Ale attended another of Kaiut’s intensive teacher-training courses in Curitiba. That’s when she met Bruno.


Bruno was born in New Orleans. Like Ale, he loved to travel, and also had a keen interest in yoga. Practicing since 1997, he has studied with K. Pattabhi Jois, senior Iyengar teachers, eventually apprenticing under Richaard Freeman in Boulder, CO. Along his journey, he met Francisco Kaiut at Francisco's first yoga classes in the United States, in Hotchkiss, Colorado, in 2004. There Bruno discovered a method that revealed new insights to his training.

He continued to study with Kaiut at his biannual intensives in Colorado until making a jump to Brazil for six months of training with Francisco at his original studio in Curitiba, Brazil. The time in Brazil was transformative. Although his love of Ashtanga and other forms of yoga remain, he has found in Kaiut Yoga practice that has  depth and potency while also being accessible and sustainable.



In November 2015, Bruno returned to Brazil, for two months of training. There, he met Ale. Bruno fell madly in love with Ale. Happily, Ale fell madly in love with Bruno!


They married and settled together in New Orleans. Their baby is the SATI Yoga Studio. Introducing the Deep South to the Kaiut Yoga method, they are its only teachers in Louisiana.


Ale and Bruno see Kaiut Yoga bringing so much to the field of yoga. Not only because it’s so accessible and inclusive but because it’s wonderfully healing for so many. The practice is a lifelong art and everyday tool. Together they have traveled to Louisiana cities and other states to introduce the Method, expanding the community of practitioners. Their students run the gamut of age and body types—many who previously couldn’t imagine themselves in a yoga classits of the Kaiut Yoga Method.

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Ale and Bruno with Francisco  Kaiut (back) and two of their students attending Francisco's workshop.

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