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Please join us for our online

Yoga As An Instrument of Healing



with Alessandra Grando and Bruno Prager

teaching the Kaiut Method


broadcast live via Zoom

 August 23th 2020 @  10:30 pm EST 


This class will explore a sequence of postures for healing, grounding and restoring energy levels.

The Kaiut Method is known as a “Yoga for Every Body.” Because the poses are done mostly on the floor, the practice is inclusive and accessible to any age, body type and level of experience while delivering clear benefits for all.


Each posture will be demonstrated both unsupported as well as adapted for a chair, so whether one is at optimal health or working with specific challenges, one will "extract" the healing results of this class. 


Alessandra will demonstrate the unsupported position as Bruno simultaneously demonstrates the position adapted for individuals using a chair.

Learn more about the Kaiut Method and the teachers at www.SATIYogaStudio.net.

If you would like more information, please email the teachers at satiyogastudio@gmail.com



The program will be one hour and fifteen minutes and the fee is $25.



To reserve your spot, please:


Complete the intake form

Submit payment via PayPal link



Information provided may be used by the teachers to design the class and to provide adaptations of poses for those with past surgeries, injuries or other health conditions. Form is here.






Information for the class

You are welcome to have your camera on if you prefer individual guidance from the teachers. You are welcome to practice in private as well.

For Practice:
• loose, comfortable clothing for light movement
• yoga mat or rug
• yoga strap (or belt, scarf, etc)

• bolster (or 1-2 firm pillows or cushions)

*chair if there are balance concerns, injuries or lying on floor is inaccessible


You can substitute a blanket for a mat, cushions or firm pillows for a bolster, and a belt for a strap.  Feel free to be creative!  We will provide instruction on how to  use adapted materials during the practice. 


This class is presented in partnership with Valerie Sonnenthal and Peaked Hill Studio of Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Enjoy your practice!

Warm regards,

Alessandra — (504) 444-2893

Bruno — (504) 512-1946