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Travel Considerations

Algodōes is a two hour drive from Ilhéus, the closest airport (IOS.) When you arrive in Ilhéus, we'll have a private taxi awaiting your arrival for direct transfer to your lodging in Algodōes.

You could fly through various Latin American cities to arrive in Ilhéus. Th most popular in Brazil are Brasilia (the capital), São Paulo (a cosmopolitan city of 12 million) and of course Rio de Janeiro.

Flying through Sao Paulo and other hubs is more direct but there are great reasons to consider Rio de Janeiro as a stop.

*If you are considering Rio or have any questions about travel here in general, let us know and we're happy to orient you. 

Additional Considerations

  • Check with your cell phone provider about a travel plan.

  • Notify your bank/credit card of travel dates & location. Credit cares are widely accepted but you can exchange your money at the airport.

  • Please save the contact info for us: 1 (504) 444-2893 (Alessandra) and 1 (504) 512-1946 (Bruno)

  • Consider downloading WhatsApp on your phone. It's a brilliant app for communicating (phone/video calls, messaging, media sharing, etc.) over Wifi and we use it for communication regularly. (It's used throughout Brazil and the world and is 100% free.)

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Other Resources:

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