Tim Tucker

New Orleans, LA

I’ve lived with pain for over 20 years due to degenerative discs in my lower back. The lowest disc in my back is half the size it should be. the disc above it is normal, the disc above that is small, shrunk. The doctors wanted to fuse all three of those discs together with rods to keep the spine stable.

I came to yoga a year ago and within two months I could feel such a tremendous difference in my body, the way I felt, the way I slept, then six months go by, the way I was walking was better, wasn’t as painful.  And it’s continues to get better every class.

Melina Nunes

Milan, Italy

I started to practice with Alessandra in 2014 when both of us still lived in Brazil, in Curitiba. With my mom’s advice, I went for one of Ale’s classes, longing for a “complement” for my treatment against anxiety and depression, and an insistent and painful bursitis.

I remember that for the first two or three months of practice I dealt with a lot of resistance from my body and mind. Especially whenever I sat down in the Sukhasana pose, I recall not being able to breath properly, and felt that maybe the anxiety was being triggered by the pose itself.


I told Ale, and she approached me very gently, as usual, and told me very peacefully, that I could embrace it, the anxiety that was coming along, and that it “was only me and my mat”, nothing else in that room to worry about. 


The Kaiut Method helped me to understand the limitations of my body, and to gradually overcome them, gaining more mobility and freedom. But different than other methods I had tried before, it works in a very gentle, yet firm and clear, way.


Now I’m writing this from Italy, where I currently live, and preparing myself to have one of Ale’s and Bruno’s classes in a few hours via streaming from New Orleans, USA. It’s funny how life goes, and how we can still connect ourselves to people, despite the distance, despite the difficulties we might be going through. I no longer experience shoulder pain from that bursitis. I still experience anxiety issues nowadays, but the change is that Sukhasana is today one of the best poses and “places to be” whenever I’m dealing with it, and I always recall that learning: “It’s just me and my mat”, and I feel safe.



Mark Rosenbaum

New Orleans, LA

I have been a glass artist for 40 years. My work requires of me to bend and twist in ways that are not “normal” to everyday life. Over time, this stress on my body has led to many injuries similar to an athlete throughout a very long career. Rotator cuff, disc, elbow, and wrist injuries have followed me for years.


I started practicing with Alessandra and Bruno over a year ago and I have found that I am much more comfortable in my work and daily routine. The Kaiut Yoga method helped me to understand how my body mechanics works and has given me more awareness and comfort.They individualize each session to each participant, so that you are given attention to any problems that you encounter. Knowing where you have an injury or existing problem, they are able to work the poses to give maximum benefits. I have tried other forms of Yoga, but for my needs, this is the best that I have practiced. 

Mark Rosenbaum

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio and Gallery

Renata Demergi

Los Angeles

I have no words to thank you for finally making your Kaiut yoga classes online. When fell in love with them in New Orleans, I wanted you to move to LA so I could continue practicing! I am beyond thankful that now, despite the circumstances, I am able to participate from my home. A few weeks into the program I am glad to report that I can curve forward and release into the pose without pain! It’s incredible.


I hope you continue with the online classes so that more people can benefit from them. Thank you again for your attention, care and dedication.

Reggie Swanson

New Orleans, LA

I’ve been involved in Kaiut Yoga for about 1½ years now. At first, I was somewhat doubtful because of chronic knee pain, general aches and stiffness and my age. Hoping it would give me a better quality of life, I decided to give it a try. My instructors Alessandra and Bruno are excellent teachers and very skillful at bridging the gap between the experienced and inexperienced or flexible and inflexible individuals because they understand each individual is unique. Thus far I can see some improvement in the boundaries of my flexibility, general aches and pains are disappearing and I better understand the role of relaxation in the body.  From now on I will be transfixed on Kaiut Yoga and look forward to a permanent transformation of my overall well-being.

Joao Pereira Leite

New Orleans, LA

I have resisted Yoga for a long time …primarily because I thought it would be impossible for someone as rigid as me to get anything going. But then I found Bruno and

Alessandra with the Kaiut Yoga method.

A few months have passed since I started practicing yoga in the Sati Yoga Studio and I have not missed a single class. For someone who is frequently in front of a computer, commuting weekly by plane, and spending a long time behind the wheel, Kaiut Yoga has been the best way I’ve found to work with both my mind and body.

Roberta Carrow-Jackson

Covington, LA

Like many Americans, I’m overweight. I had practiced yoga but stopped going to classes when I kept getting injured with pulled muscles and pinched nerves. Little wonder: I tried lots of classes, and they were all run the same way, with a teacher positioned in the front of the room demonstrating poses and everyone copying the teacher. I was never certain I was doing everything the right way (I wasn’t), and though there were a variety of bodies, everyone was expected to do the same thing. So I had increased pain on top of the pain I already had, and I wouldn't go back to class. 

Then, in 2015, I met Alessandra Grando (“Ale”) through my friend Bruno Prager. He had met Ale at a yoga studio in Brazil where they practiced something called the Kaiut Method. They encouraged me to give it a try. I did, and discovered a completely different experience.

Instead of demonstrating poses, Ale would walk around the room describing specifically which muscles to engage and where my body should feel the work. She looked at each student individually to correct seemingly tiny movements of a pose that made big differences. 

It was comforting, even critical, to know the teacher was present and aware throughout. She seemed more aware of my body than I was, and met me where I was. My weakest points were evident quickly but rather than being pushed to work beyond them or ignore them in pursuit of a fancier pose, I was guided to work directly and specifically with these areas. 

For me, the practice has meant building strength and working through layers of restricting patterns (both mental and physical!) while finding deeper levels of relaxation in the process. It's also helped me build lung capacity so I have had fewer asthma attacks.


Better breathing and stronger muscles means I am better able to do one of my favorite things – some real south Louisiana festing! I am deeply grateful to have found the Kaiut method through Bruno and Ale, and cannot recommend Sati Yoga Studio highly enough.

Meghan Mc Dermott

New Orleans

Ale and Bruno’s classes are accessible to everyone. People from all ages and body types are there. I’m loving the method, Kaiut yoga, because it’s accessing all the neglected muscles that happen a result of living in the western world. Who would think that a yoga class where you work your feet and hands and do no asanas could be so tough?!? But since I started taking classes there, I have much stronger ankles and wrists, and I regained some feeling in my foot that I lost the result of foot surgery years ago. I think any and everyone could benefit from these classes, especially if you’re in a job where you do repetitive motions.

Luiz Carlos Assunção

Campina Grande do Sul, BR

Alessandra taught yoga in Campina Grande do Sul, serving our community for 6 years while I was serving as Mayor. I had never heard of yoga bef

ore I met Ale. She convinced me to add yoga to our civic programs.  Within a few months I had people stopping me in the streets to thank me for the support of the yoga program. When I was forced to make cuts due to a tighter budget, I had to keep yoga over other sports programs due to the lobbying of the community!

She and her mother, also a teacher, are very dedicated and do an excellent job, especially helping so many in our community to live better lives. Their classes are also helpful for those who need psychosocial support, for elderly groups and those who simply need relief from pain and discomfort.  

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