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salete grando

Salete Ceccon - Sati Yoga Brazil

Salete Ceccon began her first practice in 1966, when she was 12, still a child, at the school where she studied. It has not been a long practice, but seed has begun to germinate since then, for she realized at the time that relaxation and inner peace were what she wanted to have in her life. So at the age of 24, pregnant with her first child, she had the opportunity to go back to practicing Hatha Yoga for about 6 months. Not many years of practice, but this period in which she was a student and practiced impacted so much her own life, which led her to decide to study and pass this practice on to other people. At the age of 46, after fulfilling her role as mother, with her three graduates, she definitely immersed herself in the study and practice of Yoga. In 2002, he began his first formation at the Faculdade Espirita do Paraná, which lasted three years and soon began to teach in classes offered by the Curitiba municipal government. He also taught classes at the Santa Monica Club and the cede of the Municipality of Colombo. Their classes were always very busy and their students very committed to the practice. Increasingly she was sure that she wanted to dedicate her life to the teaching of Yoga. In 2014 she perfected herself with Professor Francisco Kaiut, delving into Therapeutic Yoga, lasting for two years. Today she administers and teaches at the Sati Yoga Brazil school, based in Campina Grande do Sul in partnership with her daughter, Alessandra Grando, who for her is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and overcoming. What makes her really happy and fulfilled is to have pupils and students from 3 to 94 years old, of all ages and different histories, traumas, needs and physical conditions. But all participating in their classes and finding in Yoga individual achievement, health and vitality.

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