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Sati Yoga featured in YOGA MAGAZINE (UK):

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Healing and detoxing power of yoga have nourished and strengthened me throughout my eleven years of practicing and teaching Kaiut Yoga and have been instrumental in treating and helping keep in remission an autoimmune disease I've managed for 5 years. I'm grateful daily that my joints are optimally functioning and pain free. Detoxing and juicing have added another level of wellness that I'm so happy to have found.

Along with SATI Yoga teacher Bruno, we've been leading yoga classes in this powerful program of a week of juice detox with Alana Panton in London and the result of this combination - YOGA + GUIDED DETOX and JUICING - has been remarkable for me and the participants. The Yoga Magazine UK shares this beautiful article of our work. Enjoy the read!

Alessandra Grando Prager.

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