How can the Kaiut Yoga Method help you relieve pain? Here are three ways.

Updated: Feb 5

AFTER 15 years of teaching yoga and 10 years teaching only Kaiut Yoga, I have come to understand how Yoga is a powerful tool for healing.

Different therapy modalities can create positive results to help you relieve body pain.

Harvard Medical School studies have shown that, with weekly yoga classes, people with chronic, low back pain can relieve their symptoms and increase their mobility. Kaiut yoga is an approach that provides remarkable results for all body types. Its power lies in its simplicity.

One tree has hundreds of leaves, but none is exactly the same as another. This is nature. When we think about the human body, we can understand it in a similar way. Asymmetry and adaptability are natural. Having a longer leg, a shorter leg, torsion, a tilted pelvis, loss of range of motion, joint dysfunction, misalignment, accidents, injuries, surgeries, etc…. we can live and thrive with them all. The body does not need to be completely symmetrical to function free of pain.

Looking at the body and understanding it as an integrated, interconnected system, we understand that pain is a symptom. Our pain tells us that something in our bodies needs attention. Where we experience pain may not be the source of it; the source could be somewhere else entirely.

The Kaiut yoga method identifies and accesses the source of practitioners’ pain. With regular practice, the method’s intentional, systemic sequences of poses release tension in areas prone to misuse. The classes also help students understand their own bodies and the origins of their discomfort.

There are three aspects of the healing process:

1) Circulation and nourishment

Kaiut yoga increases blood and oxygen around the areas you access through the poses: joints, organs, muscles, tissues, and other places where metabolic waste deposits have developed.

2) Deconstruction of harmful patterns

The habitual ways we drive, walk, work, constantly sit in chairs, and practice the same limited exercise regimen cause a decreased range of movement, loss of mobility in our joints, and limited circulation.

Kaiut yoga poses, together with gravity and the floor, act as lever systems that interact with different systems of the body. When we compress and release specific areas, we create responses throughout the whole body. Kaiut yoga poses remove excess stimulation to certain areas, treat rigidity, massage internal organs, and open space for circulation. Pain relief is the natural result of this process.

3) Improved emotional wellbeing

Kaiut yoga classes support stress management. The beginning of every Kaiut yoga class is designed to help students’ nervous systems switch from the active, sympathetic mode to the restful, parasympathetic mode, where digestion, the release of tension, and healing naturally occur. These processes continue throughout the practice, and the results can be experienced after class, as well. Students of Kaiut yoga report improved sleeping patterns and stress management in everyday life.

The body has enormous healing potential. Kaiut Yoga supports all the conditions to make it possible.

Alessandra Grando

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