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carlos guyrauna rodríguez

Carlos's Story

Carlos Guyrauna Rodríguez is a teacher, for 20 years he has taught literature for children of all ages. He started practicing yoga in 2005, and in 2008 he trained as an instructor at the Satyananda school in Montevideo (Uruguay). Complementing a training in 2007, a workshop with RYE (Recherche sur Yoga dans l'Éducacion). In the search for new possibilities for individual and collective transformation, integrate your path as educator Yoga in education and the systemic look in educational practice. She has been working as a Family and Systemic Constellator and Systemic Coach with Horses since 2014. Started in the Guaraní Ñandewa tradition, practicing shamanism for 12 years, being the target of this ancestral culture in ceremonies. Nowadays she realizes experiences, consultancies and attendances that integrate the Constellation with horses, the Guarani Ñandewa tradition and the ancestor oracles.

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