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SATI Yoga & Detox with Alana have come together to offer you one day of juicing and yoga.  

Alana will provide you with GREEN JUICE recipes loaded with leafy greens that are rich in chlorophyll, helping the oxygen content of your blood and alkalinization of your body in a short space of time.

SATI Yoga stimulates the natural healing processes of the body. The sequence of postures will promote relaxation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery functions throughout the body.  
The detox with nutritious green juices combined with yoga will boost the rejuvenating and energizing effects by flushing out toxins and replacing them with highly-concentrated vitamins and nutrients.

Give your body a chance to  move, to receive nourishment and for space for yourself to pause, to read, meditate, watch an inspiring movie, simply rest, go for a walk, have a hot bath or do anything that makes you feel happy and re-energized. 


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What’s included:


  • Detox program with recipes, shopping lists, pre and post detox guidelines

  • 1 recorded yoga class + Morning meditation

  • 1 live yoga class

  • Detox Talk from Founder of @detoxwithalana

  • Detoxification Talk & QA with Detoxification specialist Dom Ceja (Nomadic Juicer)-Program


   *all the sections will be recorded and shared in case you miss something)







(after your first morning juice)

1 hour SATI Yoga session (Recorded)

 Morning Meditation 



  TALK  with Alana and Q&A Dom (NOMADIC JUICE)


 UK Time  3pm- 4:30   //   USA Time  10am-11:30am CST


SUNDAY PM  (Live) 

1 hour  SATI Yoga Session

Last Talk with Alana


 UK Time  8pm-9pm  //  USA   2pm-3pm CST



Let us know if you have any questions!


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