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Week Trial

1) How do I get started? 

Register via our intake form (link below). We'll receive notification and send you a welcome invitation within 24 hours along with specific info for accessing the program. (If you are eager to start immediately, text/call us @ 504-444-2893 and we'll expedite instructions.)





This information you share will help the teachers guide your practice in a way that brings the best results. 


Please note particular health challenges, recent surgeries, injuries, chronic conditions, etc. Based on your body's history and needs, the first classes may be adapted for you.  

Ex: if you have pain in your knees, we will  know to offer suggestions and adaptations to make the practice most beneficial for you.

2) How many classes can I access during the  trial? 


You can join live classes daily  and  access our online library of recorded classes 24/7

3) Should I have my camera on when doing the live classes on zoom?


A main benefit of the live classes is to have personal attention from the teacher, so we highly recommend it.  Have your camera positioned at lease 5-6 feet from you with a view of your space/mat.

4) How do i prepare my practice space?


Make sure you let your family members and housemates know you are practicing and give yourself the gift of a complete break. Enjoy a quiet, comfortable space, silencing your phone and pausing notifications. 

5) What type of yoga will I be doing?

You will be practicing the Kaiut Yoga Method. More on the method here.


This method begins with restoring your body’s natural mobility and freedom of movement while building strength and structural integrity.  Refining the body's connection with the brain, the results impact the whole system. Beyond the biomechanical benefits, students find the practice helps with stress/anxiety and often improves mood and mental balance.


6) What if I have further questions?


We welcome questions We are here to support you. If you have questions or if you want to share with us your feedback from classes, please email us anytime and we'll be in touch. For urgent matters or for connecting in real time,, call or text Alessandra @ 504-444-2893 orBruno @ 504-512-1946


7) What material do I need to practice in home? 

You probably already have it! Feel free to be creative.



Use a mat or any comfortable, stable surface, ex. carpet or rug


you can also use firm pillows or cushions.  


In many classes you will lie down and have your legs up supported by a wall.



You also can use a belt or scarf.



You can use a thick book, small box or anything similar. 

8) Can I practice if I have pain or injuries?

Often yes. This form of yoga has a strong therapeutic focus. We'll read the intake form first. Then we can usually adapt the classes and you will receive instructions (via video, email, private meeting) that will teach you how to adapt the practice to have the best results. 

9) How many times a week should I practice?


We recommend two or three times a week in the beginning with a day between classes.  See how your body responds. After a time, many find a daily practice of great benefit. 

NOTE: If you already practice another form of yoga, begin this method with a "beginner's mind"  as if you had never taken a yoga class before. The positions and approach of the Kaiut Method have their own logic and basis. (ex. specifics of proper alignment may not translate. on purpose) Positions can be simple but have deep effects. Be open and give the method space to work.

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