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 - A Holiday Yoga Experience -


Sunday, 3rd  January



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Unplug and discharge. Shed 2020 and come out refreshed for a new year. 

Two sessions give us the opportunity to explore the method more deeply for its restorative and replenishing effects. 


This program may be extended into a mini-retreat of self-care for those who wish. Between classes we invite you to take a true break, giving yourself the gift of an extra three hours with no strings attached. A hot bath or long shower, inspiring reading, a quiet walk, writing a letter, taking a nap, just being. Any of those little things that nourish the mind and body and give space for that quiet sense of sacredness that we all know but too often lose or forget.


Skillful self-care supports renewed connection with yourself - and your loved ones!

Each session will be 1 hour 15 min.  Prepare a comforting and relaxing space to be immersed in fully. 

*If you can't join both sessions, you may attend either session and we will send you links to the recorded session. 


$50 for new students

$35 for regular students who are subscribed in our online program


new students

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regular students

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 after receiving your payment we will send you the link and password to join us live and to access the recorded links for both sessions.
Enjoy your workshop!

MATERIAL: You have it! A belt, book or cushions and pillows. You can also practice from your chair if you are working with injuries, etc.



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