What to know for the

first class


Parking: We have  street  parking  available.  

Arrive early. Arrive 10  minutes before the scheduled class. If possible as well as for your convenience, fill out our intake form before you arrive: INTAKE FORM.     The information you provide will help us to guide your practice.                 


 If you have pain, past injuries or health challenges, please indicate on the form so we can adapt the class for you.    Take a few minutes to relax and settle in. You can lie with legs up on the wall or whatever feels most comfortable. This will give you a chance to downshift and have a more productive class.

Materials: We provide yoga mats at no charge. 

Avoid perfume. Some people have allergies and are more sensitive to the smell. 

Don't take a class on a full stomach. 

Avoid drinking a lot of water or any liquid before your practice. 

We strongly encourage first-time students to do at least three classes. The sequences vary in their focus from class to class and several classes will give you a better picture of what this method will offer you.

Don't worry about bringing water or a towel for class. Class room  temperature is around 72-74 degrees.  

 Be ready for a new experience.