1. Parking- We have a free parking lot on the corner of Freret with Jena St. If you are coming by bike you can lock your bike under of the stairs of the studio. 

  2. Arrive early. Arrive 15  minutes before the scheduled class. Where possible let us know you will be attending (by email or phone). We have a short evaluation form to fill out and what you provide will serve as a map to guide your practice.  *If you have pain, past injuries or health challenges, we need to know so we can adapt the class for you. 

  3. Materials. We provide yoga mats at no charge. You will practice without shoes but you can wear socks for most of the classes. A blanket or jacket is welcome for comfort during the relaxation at the end.

  4. Avoid perfume. Some people have allergies and are more sensitive to the smell. 

  5. Don't take a class on a full stomach. We suggest eating at least an hour before practice, but if you aren't able to and are very hungry, we suggest having a banana or a light snack no less than 20 minutes before class.

  6. Avoid drinking a lot of water or any liquid before your practice. 

  7. We strongly encourage interested students try at least three classes. The sequences vary in their focus from class to class and several classes will give you a better picture of what this method will offer you.

  8. Don't worry about bringing water or a towel for class. Class room  temperature is around 73 degrees.  We can provide a blanket for relaxation during wintertime. 

  9. In general, arrive 5 min earlier to classes and take time to lie down with legs up on the wall before the class starts. This will give you a chance to switch gears and relax a bit before class starts.

  10. Forget all you know about yoga. Come ready for a new experience. This is a different method from those frequently seen.

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The Yoga Room                             

2521 Jena St.                                

New Orleans, LA  70115`            

(504) 444-2893                            


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Rua Joao Trevisan, 1379

Campina Grande do Sul-PR

+55 (41) 9980-14223