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New Orleans Studio

We decided to keep the classes at her place as an addition to our program for summer. Because of the hot weather we are pausing the park classes until late fall or early spring. Sunday classes will be at Carla's home studio.  



Schedule for Carla's Home Studio

Tuesday 5:30pm

Thursday 5:30pm

Sunday 12:30pm - 1:45pm (Sunday's classes are longer )


Address: 2248 Cambronne St


Schedule for Online Studio - Live with Bruno and Ale:

*times in CST

Monday: 6:30pm

Tuesday: 10am 

Wednesday: 6:30pm

Thursday: 10am 

Monday: 6:30pm


About Carlas's classes: 

Carla's home studio is adorable and perfect for Kaiut practice. You will have all the material necessary and bringing your own is optional.  

Classes will always happen at this time, on sunny and rainy days :)

Space is limited so please confirm your spot with Carla: (504)722-2288


To enter, use the small wood gate on the right side of the house. If the gate is locked you can unlock it from the top with your hands.  If you are a little late, don't worry. Come on in and you are always welcome. 



Monthly online program with Ale and Bruno: $60/month

Includes five live classes a week through Zoom + access to the Sati Yoga Online Library - more than one hundred recorded classes and special collections with focused areas.)

Sign up online


Monthly Online program with Ale and Bruno + in-person classes with Carla:

$120 /month for 2x week. Sign up here

$150/month for 3x week Sign up here

$18 drop in



We want to help you to establish a regular daily practice, in the studio, from your home and with the convenience of bringing your teachers with you, to wherever you go!


sati verde


1x semana


sati azul


2x semana


sati ouro


3x semana


sati rubi


4x semana


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