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Deepening the Work

—A Kaiut Method Workshop—


This second-installment of the Kaiut Yoga Method Series for the Lafayette community will be hosted by Acadiana Yoga & Wellness Center. Returnees will be greeted with new postures as well as the opportunity to deepen their experience of the method and its benefits. New attendees will find a new way of healing with the aid of yoga technology.

The Kaiut Method is a system of yoga adapted for the modern Western person and is a uniquely impactful wellness tool.

Straightforward and pragmatic, the method works to maintain and return the body to an optimal structure and functionality allowing the internal systems to function as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

Every BODY is welcome and benefits from this adaptation of traditional yoga, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners working with blockages in their personal practice.

In this class you will uncover and release tension, loosening the hold of patterns that restrict your freedom of movement. Integrating the subtle structural changes will impact the whole system facilitating the healing process and general restorative functions of the body. Class will end with a deep relaxation.

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