Suzanne's Story

Suzanne began her childhood activities with her ballet and jazz classes and later as an adult practicing acrobatics and capoeira lessons in Angola.

In a quest for self-knowledge she met Hatta Yoga, which perfectly united her passion for movement and the need for stillness of the mind.

In 2005 she started her work with several lines of natural treatments (Massage Therapy, Auriculotherapy, Bach Flower, Reiki and Aromatherapy). Over these years, taking care of their patients, realize that we can have longevity and quality of life by practicing good habits.

It was then that she decided to take her first Yoga Instructor Training course in 2013. She then specialized in the Kaiut Yoga method, where she completed her training course in 2016. Suzanne is always perfecting, studying, practicing and teaching.

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The Yoga Room                             

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