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Donation-based class

for the community


  March 2

12pm - 1pm


*details below


This class is offered in to the greater community on a donation-basis and is free for artists, musicians and the hospitality industry. 

About the class:

We offer classes in the Kaiut Method, a system of yoga adapted for the modern person and a uniquely impactful wellness tool that directly addresses and helps alleviate the discomfort and exhaustion many encounter through their work.


Over time, repetitive movements often bring discomfort, even damage, due to strain on muscles and joints. Long hours can deplete one's energy reserves.

Straightforward and pragmatic, the Kaiut Method works to maintain and return the body to an optimal structure and functionality allowing the internal systems to function as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

Every BODY benefits from this adaptation of traditional yoga, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.

Classes are 1 hour and finish with a deep relaxation.

To know more about the Kaiut Method, please see:

*link to an interesting video at bottom of page.

Before joining class please fill out Intake Form:


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